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looks around

logs out

A dragOn? YOu gOt killed by a dragOn?

"Indeed, I’m dead because a stupid dragon. Why, does your fandom have anything to do with dragons?"

It probably has something huge to do with dragons, but you never have the time to sit and watch a movie or read a book.

==> ????? (Open RP)

Holy shit.
Holy SHIT.

You look down at your hands. You shouldn’t be alive. You should be dead. You were dead. You don’t know who is even alive anymore. Alice and SPN are dead and gone. Why were you dragged back into this mess?

You are sitting on the ground in the middle of a forest. You ain’t putting up with this shit. You stand up and start walking, trying to find out where you are and maybe find another fandom. 



They’re making Hannibal evil… I shoulda seen this coming but still…

I was hoping he’d be an anti-hero at least. :(


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Guess whos fuckin back 

==> Wake up. It’s about time, 3 months is too long.

*You look around. Oh God. You have been asleep for so long, you don’t even know who you are for a while. You look down, noticing that your appearance has changed along with the place that you fell asleep in.

You now lay in a meadow. You fell asleep in your bed, knowing that it was time to go. You smile at yourself, knowing that the time to come back is finally here. You stand up, finally realizing what you are wearing. 

You are no longer wearing your normal vest, blue button-down, and suit pants. You are wearing a bright orange jumpsuit. You freeze, noticing where the clothes are from. Prison. 

You look away from the suit, noticing that the meadow has changed into a prison cell with a dark body in the corner. In fact, you know who that is. Long deer horns are emerging through the person’s head. Their skin is a dark grey color, the color of rain on a sidewalk. Their hair is pure blinding white. You look at their clothes next, and you stop. They wear your blue button-down, vest, and suit pants. They make a deep growing noise, and take a step towards you. You mirror them, but take a step back. They keep walking towards you until you are backed into a corner, breathing heavily. They grab your face with their bony pointed fingers. They force you to stare into their blank eyes as they tighten their hands on your throat, choking the air out of your lungs. Before the unconsciousness takes you captive, you heard the monster whispering to you, “Don’t you know me? Have you forgotten who you are? I am you, the true you.” God, you hate Grimdark. 

Your eyes open, and you frantically look for the monster. You are, for now, safe. You look around again, figuring out where you are. 

You are outside of Supernatural’s house. You are wearing different clothes, however. You are wearing a long striped scarf, tweed jacket, and jeans. You walk to the house, holding the scarf in your hands so it doesn’t drag on the ground. You knock frantically, hearing footsteps inside. 

The door swings open, and you close your eyes in happiness. 

"Oh my God, Supernatural, I am so happy to see you. I’ve been asleep for a while, but I bet you know that."

"Who the hell are you?" The person at the door says.

You open your eyes, and drop the scarf. It is Supernatural, but not. His eyes are replaced with black. You step back, knowing to run. Supernatural told you that if you see someone with black eyes, then you need to run. 

You sprint to the forest, hearing a voice behind you. It is a voice of a boy, but higher than your moirail’s. You look around, seeing Kingdom Hearts bending down to someone. Blood is everywhere. 

Your outfit changes again. You are wearing your normal vest, but it is covered in blood. There is a hole in your stomach, quite literally. You cant feel it, which makes you wonder. 

Kingdom Hearts gets up from the body, walking to you, but giving you a chance to look at the person.

It’s you.

You remember this now. KH killed you in the forest by stabbing you in the stomach with his Keyblade. You look at Kingdom Hearts, and he delivers a punch to your face.

"Do you know where you are yet, boy?" he snarls.

"N-No. But how can there be two of me?" 

He punches you again, and kicks you in the side, letting you fall on the ground.

"Dream bubbles. Your life, apparently. I hate being part of your life, it makes me stuck here forever. It’s a hard life.”

He punches you in the face, delivering you to another location.

Your eyes open, and you are in a fire. You know what is happening. You are about to get turned into God Tier. Instead of heading to the stone bed in your sights, you run the opposite direction. If you don’t turn God Tier, you never break up with Ava. You never date Alice, ensuring her death. You never break Supernatural. You never kill. It would be better this way. You run to the hill across from the fire, looking at the fire from the top. You lie down on the wet grass, a fresh layer of dew on it. You close your eyes.

You open your eyes.

You are on a large chessboard. You look in the horizon, and see three crosses. You raise an eyebrow in confusion. You take a step forward and then hear a shrill scream.

You look over, seeing a huge dragon.

“Oh, fuck.”

It is crawling straight to you, and is at a fast speed. You take off running to the crosses. You look down, noticing that you are wearing black armor. A sword appears in your hand, catching you off guard. You fall down, allowing the dragon to get closer.

You jump up and continue running when you realize a person is hanging on the cross. As you get closer, you realize who it is.

You stop running. You want to run even more now, to run away from the person on the middle cross. You look to the right cross, and then to the left cross.

Supernatural, Alice, and Ava are hanging on crosses. Alice is in the middle, with a sharp piece of wood through her chest. Supernatural is on the right, and Ava on the left. Supernatural’s wings are cut off and lying on the ground. Ava has her box in her chest open, and her heart is lying on the ground, ripped out.

You fall to your knees, allowing yourself a time to mourn before you turn to the dragon, right behind you. You raise the sword and swing at the dragon, missing by an inch. You keep swinging in anger, and then see the dragon take a swing towards you. You are thrown across the battle field, sliding against the hard ground. You don’t want to move. It’s all over, isn’t it? Everyone you love is dead, and a huge ass dragon is about to kill you.

It’s getting harder to breathe. You try to get up before you realize that the dragon is holding you down, crushing you under its claw.

“The hero shall die because of his flaws and fears”, the dragon snarled. You want to say, “Hey, that’s fine. Nice knowing you!” and allow the dragon to snap you in half, but alas, you are transported again.

You open your eyes again.

You have a sword through your body. You remove it, wondering why it doesn’t hurt. You look around, seeing other people.

“Yes! I told you he would come!” a voice screams.

“Hush, he is just waking. Give him time.” Another voice says.

Both voices are female. You open your eyes fully. Two girls are around you. They have similar dresses on. One had choppy black hair, and a blue dress with a white apron. The other girl has shoulder-length curly blonde hair, a pastel blue dress with a white apron. She has purple cat ears and long black and white stripped stockings.

The one with black hair stars talking, “Hello. I am Mad Father.”

“I am Alice!” the other one says. Your eyes drop. The two girls help you to your feet.

“Wh-where did it go?” you ask them when you look at your stomach. The hole was gone.

“It does that. Welcome to the Afterlife.” Alice says. You smile at her.

Mad Father takes your arm and Alice takes the other one. They walk to a bright light, taking you with them.

“So this is it? I’m dead?”

“You remembered, didn’t you?” Mad said.


“Then it is time. C’mon, let’s go and wait for your friends.” Alice says as the three of you walk to the light and emerge on the other side. 


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I made a thing using a track from Heavy Rain and Trisha’s breakdown. 

i can’t stop fucking laughing

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